I started at CrossFit 134 in September of 2016. I was overweight and miserable. Along with the help of Weight Watchers and Tim, Brent and the rest of my box family, I have lost 60 pounds and feel so much better. I have been able to lower the meds for my BP and diabetes. I could not imagine not having CrossFit 134 in my life. It’s the best decision I’ve made.

-Shawna Wash Eaton

If you're looking for a gym that feels like a family away from home, CrossFit 134 is the place you need to check out. Tim, Brent, Jamie and the rest of the coaches do an amazing job of not only making you feel at home, but also do a phenomenal job of teaching the correct way to accomplish each movement. The hour I spend with them is one of the best parts of my day. The workouts are challenging, but the results are real!

-Randy Reitz

CrossFit 134 is a gym family! The trainers are knowledgeable and super kind, and the people are encouraging. You will not regret trying it out. There’s no place I’d rather workout!

-Jennie Langley

I joined this box in January of 2017. I was looking for a place for my 15yr old daughter to work out. I found a family at CrossFit 134. This gym is filled with a community of people that encourage and challenge each other. The coaches are great and always make themselves available for every participant. Five stars for this box.

-Paul Kievit

Ever since I started coming to CrossFit 134, I have noticed a big difference in my confidence. The environment at 134 is incredibly supportive and fun. The coaches there are amazing, encouraging, and knowledgeable. I wouldn’t want to work out anyplace else.

-Rayleigh Fisher